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Birth-date:1992  Facebook Fan Page
Residence:Boulder, CO  InstagramClick Here
Favorite Product:Astroman  TwitterClick Here
Years Climbing:7 years  BlogClick Here

Ryan Sather

Learning the ropes in the inner corridors of the plastic pulling paradise known as Rockin’ and Jamin’, Ryan Sather is a Colorado native that began his climbing career in 2007. After sustaining several injuries between 2012 and 2013 Ryan secured the opportunity to heal and break out of the clutches of “grade chasing”. Ryan has honed his climbing skills in classic and historical areas such as Vedauwoo, Eldorado Canyon, and Boulder Canyon. In the summer of 2014 Ryan began Coaching and Instructing at the best climbing gym in Boulder, CO; the Boulder Rock Club. Ryan strives not only to climb, but to climb with a particular sense of style that focuses on knowledge of ethics as well the area, ascents, and ascensionist. Royal Robbins sums it up best, “What a pleasure to climb the quiet way… to use art instead of force. What a pleasure to take one’s time and work out the placements not obvious…”

No gas or no food? I could survive without gas, but food is the petrol of the body!

Do you have a spirit animal? Yes, the Honey Badger is the animal in which I spiritually render power from. We both are considered masters of mayhem, and love honey.

Lifetime climbing goals? My overall life time climbing goal is to become an actual climber. When I say “actual climber” I mean someone who can move efficiently and elegantly over multifaceted terrain. I don’t want to limit my abilities by saying, “Oh I am just boulderer, just a trad climber, or I only do competition climbing.” I have fun climbing, and I am beginning to learn that the more ways I can approach climbing the more fun I can have. For what seemed like an eternity I was the one limiting myself by labeling and denying myself the privilege of trying different styles of climbing, but now I find myself in this ever growing complexity that is climbing. I thought I was getting a handle of this climbing thing, and I am discovering I’m naively admiring a chunk of the Iceburg that is bobbing just out of the surface water, and not taking into account its expansive volume that hides beneath the surface. My life time goal essentially is to explore and become more familiar with that hidden expansiveness.