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Birth-date:June 15, 1995  Facebook Fan PageClick Here
Residence:Estes Park, CO  InstagramClick Here
Favorite Product:Shaman  TwitterClick Here
Years Climbing:13 years  BlogClick Here

Jessica Goff

Living most of her life in Estes Park, Colorado, Jessica Goff discovered a passion for climbing at an early age. Jessica has been climbing for 13 years. For 10 years she was on the Estes Park climbing team and in 2012 she joined Team BRC (Boulder Rock Club) in Boulder, Colorado. Jessica has also been apart of the Evolv team since 2010. She likes to project outside at Jurassic Park in the Rocky Mountains in her free time. One of her favorite places to climb is at Hueco Tanks State Park. Some of her favorite boulder problems in Hueco Tanks are Girls of Jaurez (v4), Sign of the cross (v3), and Dragon fly (v5). She has received numerous metals in a variety of competitions and has competed at the national level in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2013. During the summers she works at the well-known Red Rose Rock Shop in Estes Park, Colorado. Jessica graduated from Estes Park High School in 2014, and she is now attending The University of Arizona in Tucson to receive a bachelors degree in Geology with a minor in Oceanography.

Winter or Summer? Summer because sometimes that’s the best time to climb outside in the Rockies.

Favorite Movie? The fast and furious series

What would you want for your last meal? A nice big juicy steak!