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Birth-date:November 21, 1989  Facebook Fan PageClick Here
Residence:Las Cruces, NM  InstagramClick Here
Favorite Product:Talon  TwitterClick Here
Years Climbing:6 years  BlogClick Here

Corey Swann

Corey loves to climb, be outdoors, and enjoy life. He thrives on the motto of “work less, climb more” and will do anything to keep it that way. Corey is originally from Toledo, Ohio but fell in love with pebble wrestling and moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico where he goes to school at New Mexico State University. He is a senior studying Geography specializing in GIS&T (Geographic Information Systems and Techonology) and hopes to graduate soon. He also is a certified volunteer bouldering tour guide at Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site and considers it a honor and privilege to live so close to such a world class destination. When he graduates he plans on living in his luxurious mansion (van) and travel around climbing all over the country, until he can make enough money to travel to Europe etc..

Favorite pair of Evolvs? Talons, Nexxo, and Cruzers

What would you want for your last meal? Carne Asada Burrito smothered in green chile, only from New Mexico.

If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you would do? Buy a sprinter van and live the dream climbing all over the world.