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Birth-date:March, 1988  Facebook Fan PageClick Here
Residence:Boulder, CO  InstagramClick Here
Favorite Product:Agro  TwitterClick Here
Years Climbing:7 years  BlogClick Here

Cesar Valencia

Cesar Valencia has been living in Boulder, Colorado since 2012 with his wonderful girlfriend Naomi and his amazing dog Milo. They all moved from Florida seeking one thing..access to climbing at all times. He discovered climbing at the age of 21 and was instantly hooked. As his passion grew larger so did his desire to climb outside full time. After 3 years of making short trips to areas like HP 40, Red River Gorge and New River Gorge he decided it was time to live in a place that could fulfill his need to climb everyday.

After moving to Boulder, Cesar found himself in the center of the climbing Mecca. With unlimited access to some of Americas greatest bouldering destinations his dedication to the sport grew larger and larger day by day. Although he works a full time job he always manages to keep a strict training schedule and get outside. His favorite place to climb is Rocky Mountain National Park. The vast landscapes, intense approaches and world class boulders make R.M.N.P an amazing place to climb.

Cesar plans to continue climbing and traveling in and out of the United States. He hopes to one day live on the road and follow the perfect climbing conditions, spend full seasons in his favorite areas and see all the beauty there is to see around the world.

Favorite pair of Evolvs?

Id say the Nexxo is my favorite since I’ve consistently used it and love them, however my brief encounter with the Agro leads me to believe those will be at the top of the list once I get a pair.

Winter or Summer?

Id have to say Summer because I love climbing in all the alpine bouldering areas of Colorado. These areas are good in the spring, summer, fall which is why I chose to live in Boulder. During the summer you can make it to the highest locations in these alpine zones and for me those are the best. They are not as traveled, have beautiful unique settings and have some of the best bouldering around.

Lifetime climbing goals?

My ultimate lifetime climbing goal is to climb for a lifetime. Id like to stay healthy, strong and able to climb at a high level until the end of my days.