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Birth-date:January 24, 1992   Facebook Fan PageClick Here
Residence:Portland, OR  InstagramClick Here
Favorite Product:Luchador Lace  TwitterClick Here
Years Climbing:6 years  BlogClick Here

Connor Love

Connor Love has a simple phrase that he lives by: “Embrace the adventure. Protect the Earth. Spread the laughter.” These words manifest in his experiences as he travels the world in search of that all-too-familiar euphoria that is getting lost amongst the rock. It is not just the send that excites him, but also the frequent reminder that Nature does not tailor to our cause. Striking features, jaw dropping, harsh landscapes, and the inevitable “punt” drive Connor to explore.

Originally from North Carolina, Connor has spent much of his time since then traveling and engaging the world. He recently moved to Oregon after 23 years of living throughout the southern US. Frequent trips to Joe’s Valley, Hueco Tanks, Horseshoe Canyon Ranch and Rocktown saw a bounty of bouldering traffic under his Bandits and Nexxos. Connor is of course ecstatic about new regional crags like Leavenworth and Squamish, but he is also keen on exploring the more dominant sport and trad climbing scene of the Pacific Northwest. But this climber says he will never forget his southern roots and the boulders they grew from!

Connor is also an accomplished route setter. A creative outlet for him, he has taken his skills to commercial and freelance opportunities, including competition setting for the world famous Yangshuo Climbing Festival in China and the increasingly popular Di’namik Bouldering competition in Salt Lake City.

What’s in your fridge right now? Firestone Walker’s Velvet Merlin Oatmeal Stout

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? I’d love to take voice/singing lessons

If you could invite anyone to be your dinner guest, dead or alive, who would it be? Vincent Van Gogh