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Birth-date:April 22, 1976  Facebook Fan PageClick Here
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Blake Bowling

Blake Bowling is an old fart that climb rocks, bolts new routes, fixes old ones, writes code, and drinks bourbon.

He has been scrambling for over twenty years, is an AMGA guide, and enjoys all types of climbing, from big walls to crack climbs to clipping bolts and pebble wrestling. He has ticked off hundreds of routes across the US, including over 1500 routes in the Red River Gorge alone, over 100 of which are first ascents.

In September of 2014 he took a 40 ft ground fall off the Madness that left him with a fractured back and wrist. Currently, he is training his way to full recovery, and gearing up to take on the route that took him down. See his blog post “Close the System” on for a full account of the incident.

You can find Blake in and around Red River Gorge, Kentucky, climbing, sprucing up his tick-list, dusting off boulders, and eating Nutella brownies at the Red River Rockhouse, where in his free time he works for the American Alpine Club as the Senior Software Engineer and maintains the website where climbers nation-wide can report bolts that may need attention. Check it out next time you find a spinner.
What’s in your fridge right now?
Bourbon. Ale 8. Hot sauce.

Do you have a spirit animal? Honey Badger. Honey Badger don’t care

What would you name the autobiography of your life? This too shall pass.

Lifetime climbing goals? Educate climbers on bolts, safety, and best practices. Eradicate bad bolts from the face of the Earth. Free Moonlight Buttress. Climb Welcome to Ol’ Kentuck. Get Abs. And of course…the MADNESS.