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Birth-date:July, 1997  Facebook Fan PageClick Here
Residence:Vancouver, BC  InstagramClick Here
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Years Climbing:10 years  BlogClick Here

Andrew Funk

Andrew started climbing around age 10 in Edmonton, Alberta. Surrounded by an incredible support network of coaches and mentors, he quickly became one of the top competitors in the country for his age. In his penultimate youth competition season, Andrew was on the podium of every youth event he entered of the season, including a second-place finish at the inaugural Youth Bouldering Nationals and a third-place finish at Difficulty Nationals. This was also the year Andrew started to make a name for himself on the adult circuit, with multiple finals appearances, a Tour de Bloc win, and ultimately making the adult bouldering national team to compete in the Toronto World Cup. Following youth Worlds that year, Andrew hung out in Europe for a bit (several months), ultimately ending with his hardest send and proudest achievement, climbing Mal de Isla, 5.14a. The next few months were spent routesetting, , coaching, commentating, and bouldering hard outside, wracking up 6 V11’s in the span of a few months. Now, Andrew lives in Vancouver attending UBC, and is back on the competition circuit training hard out of the Hive Climbing gym. Chances are you’ll spot him flailing in the gym, pebble wrestling in Squamish, or getting horribly pumped in the Bow Valley. Make sure to say hi!

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? To be able to send a project without punting off the finish at least once… yeah. That would be nice.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? A one way ticket to Europe 😉

Do you have a spirit animal? Well, I always wanted to be like my first coach, who was dubbed the Red Stallion… obviously I’m not there yet, so I’d have to go with something slightly less impressive. A three-legged pony?