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Meagan Martin
Meagan Martin is a professional Rock Climber, former Division 1 Pole Vaulter, and American Ninja Warrior who currently resides in Boulder, Colorado. Meagan grew up in a very athletic family in Lake Mary, Florida and is the oldest of three girls. Both Meagan’s parents were Gymnasts, and her mom was and still is a gymnastics coach, so Gymnastics was the first sport that Meagan did.
After success as a gymnast she found climbing. Meagan fell in love with climbing immediately and began competing right away. At her first SCS youth nationals she placed 3rd and continued competing for three more years. There wasn’t a youth bouldering series at that time, so Meagan decided to start doing pro bouldering comps at the age of 12.

Following her success in climbing she decided to try Pole Vaulting when she started High School and ended up receiving a scholarship to vault at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. During her senior year at Vanderbilt she realized that she missed climbing and decided that following graduation she would pursue climbing professionally.
Three months after graduating in 2012 she competed in her first pro competition in about eight years, the SBC Pro Tour in Seattle, Washington. Meagan ended up making it to finals and ultimately placed 5th in the competition. Since then Meagan has been traveling the world competing and climbing outside with no signs of slowing down. In addition to climbing professionally, she is also a coach at ABC Kids Climbing.
Winter or Summer? Since I am a Florida girl I absolutely love Summer!
What did you dress up as last Halloween? I was Supergirl!!!
If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you would do? Go to South Africa and climb for a few months!