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Birth-date:August 1, 1975  Facebook Fan PageClick Here
Residence:Missoula, MT  InstagramClick Here
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Years Climbing:20+ years  BlogClick Here

Jeff Shapiro
Adventure athlete, Jeff Shapiro is a dedicated professional in all of his outdoor pursuits. His passion for flying is clear. A hang glider pilot for more than 2 decades, he represented the United States at the 2009 and 2011 World Hang Gliding Championships and is one of the first people to explore mountain flying in a hang glider within the Annapurna range of Central Nepal.
In his more recent past, Jeff has BASE jumped and flown wing suits from objects worldwide. Opening many new “exits” in the US, he now jumps and flies on the cutting edge of what he refers to as a form of “self expression”.
As a climber, Jeff is well versed on all mediums. From rock, to ice, to technically difficult high altitude mixed climbing, he strives for “full value” adventure and self exploration. Completing a new route on the steep NW face of Mt. Grosvenor in the Daxue Shan range of Western China is one of many highlights.
Jeff uses his degree in Industrial design at his shop in Montana where he enjoys designing and sewing “new toys to play with in the mountains”. Just for kicks, he runs ultra trail marathons and, with his daughter Nya by his side, trains falcons and hawks to hunt with him and his dog, Cedar.